We are your UAE business law firm, having over 17 years of experience advising a variety of local and international clients. We know the various local and federal UAE laws can be tremendously perplexing and complex-that is where a highly experienced legal counsel can help you. We meet our client’s individual needs, providing caring and affordable representation tailed to your need which you can depend on.

Corporate Structuring

Choosing which business structure is right for you is a crucial step when starting a business. The entity you select has legal, financial, and operational implications. Our experienced legal advisors can help you determine the appropriate corporate structure for your business based on your specific goals and needs. Other services include:

Contracts Drafting and Reviewing

We provide contractual legal services for every business, profession, and individuals. You can rely on our experienced and skilled legal advisors to review and draft contracts for small, medium, and large businesses. Expect our specialists to provide you with the information you need to sign contracts knowing your rights and obligations. Some of our services include:

Technology & Online Business

If your company conducts business over the Internet, numerous legal issues may arise beyond merely protecting your trade secrets and intellectual property. You need comprehensive representation by a legal advisor familiar with the host of emerging legal issues frequently encountered by Internet companies and technology firms who conduct business over the web. We advise e-commerce businesses and Internet professionals in the following Internet and Technology Law matters:

Intellectual Property

In the UAE, we are privileged to be part of a thriving entrepreneurial community focused on new ideas, possibilities, and growth. Whether you have developed a new brand or product and are just getting started or you are an established business looking for new and creative legal counsel, we look forward to meeting you and learning about your business needs and goals. We advise businesses and Internet professionals in the following IP Law matters:


As an employer you need legal tools and advice to maintain control over your workplace to ensure compliance with the UAE federal and local laws and regulations. Our legal advisors are here to help. We advise businesses  in the following Employment Law matters:

Real Estate

We advise individuals and businesses  in the following real estate law matters:

Residential Services


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